Weigh and Think, an educational project against food waste

The target of this website is to become a collaborating tool to join efforts to reduce food waste and raise awareness about the organic footprint.
The project sprang from an observation of the quantity of waste generated in school dining rooms. The children who took part in the project showed great interest in changing their behaviour regarding to food waste. The families who knew about the project also showed their approval and interest.


The Weigh and Think pilot test got underway in 2014. From the second month onwards and in a sustained way, food waste in school dining rooms was reduced by 35% and waste generation dropped by 50%. That’s why we put the initiative within reach of those who want to develop it.

The method

The Weigh and Think method consists of five steps. The first one consists of correctly separating food waste into 3 different containers: water, organic uneatable (where we put the organic remains that aren’t eaten such as fruit peels or chicken bones), and organic eatable (where we put the remains of food that could have been eaten: tomato slices or some yogurt). The seconds step systematically establishes an exact weight of the waste generated and the relationship between it and the result of the number of meals served. The project requires the involvement of the monitoring teams. The next step will consist of providing the school children with a tool to record the data. Once the data is recorded, the children, the cooks and the monitors analyse the data collected regarding the waste produced. The last step consists of creating a system for gathering all of the data and defining quantitative goals.